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Ni‘ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation - a non-profit organization established to assist in preserving the Ni‘ihau culture and language as well as assisting the Ni‘ihau community to develop economic self-sufficiency through the marketing of this endangered fine folk art.

Island of Ni‘ihau

History of Ni‘ihau - The history of the Forbidden Hawaiian Island of Ni‘ihau

Ni‘ihau Language & Dialect - About the Ni‘ihau Dialect of the Hawaiian language

Ni‘ihau Today - Images of the Forbidden Island of Ni‘ihau and what Ni‘ihau is like today.

Ni‘ihau Shell Lei

History & Shells - A history of Ni‘ihau shell leis and the shells used to make them.

Making a Ni‘ihau Shell Lei - Learn what life is like in the day of a Ni‘ihau shell lei artisan plus video and image galleries of the intricate process of picking, sorting, cleaning and stringing the shells into a lei.

Selecting a Ni‘ihau Shell Lei - In order to compare various lei and determine their quality, the following five points should be considered: color, luster, flaws, size and workmanship.

Ni‘ihau Shell Lei Authenticity - When purchasing a Ni‘ihau shell lei, one should always request some form of certification of authenticity which at least states that all of the shells come from the island of Ni‘ihau.

Press & Media - Media exposure on Ni‘ihau shell lei.

Ni‘ihau Shell Lei Showcase
Images of stunning Ni‘ihau shell lei in a variety of styles and colors.

Where to Buy Ni‘ihau Shell Lei
Map and location to retail outlets that sell authentic Ni‘ihau shell lei.

About Ni‘ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation
Part of the mission of NCHF is to assist lei makers in the process of marketing their product and to provide a venue for sale of Ni‘ihau shell jewelry that will benefit the artisans more directly.

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